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About MAQ

MAQ is a South American brand which originated in Venezuela and is now proudly based in Texas. MAQ is the creation of a trained journalist and incredible artist but was founded under harrowing circumstances. Maria Andreinha Quevedo created the company while escaping the oppressive dictatorship government of her home country Venezuela. Maria Andreinha Quevedo Garza creates art using high quality stones and materials from all over the world. Her love for Venezuela and her passion to help people in her country inspires her to succeed in the USA. 

Giving back is the most important cornerstone of her brand. She is the president of a Non Profit Organization called "Te Veo Libre Venezuela Foundation" that raises funds to send humanitarian aid to her home country.

Freedom, respect, love and family are the other 4 Pilars of her company. 

Instead of writing the news, MAQ decided to create jewelry with purpose, with information and with meaning. 

She believes that the jewelry is not only about wearing a piece that beautifies your outfit, it is about the meaning of each piece that you are wearing and the connection with your mind, body and soul. She wants people to have a personal connection with her pieces, and hopes that each piece can hold a special meaning to its owner.

MAQ still makes all her designs by hand with stones sourced from all over the world. For the more popular pieces, she outsources much of her production to a group of Venezuelan women who helped make her jewelry when she was still living there. 

MAQ also supports the Wayuu tribe of her home country by selling exquisitely colorful, skillfully woven handbags created by them. She then accents the purses with her own leather, crystals and rhinestones.

When you buy a piece from MAQ you are buying hours of frustration and moments of joy. Your are buying days, weeks and months of work. You are buying a piece of a soul, a small piece of hundreds of women hearts from around the world.

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